About Us

Ramatan Developments was established in 2020 to expand the work of Econ Constructions in the field of Real Estate Development. Econ has more than ten years of experience in the market that formed the foundation for effective and client-oriented services of Ramatan Developments.
Our message is to construct unmatched residential and urban communities that live up to our client's expectations. With an industry-leading team, we provide excellent services and aim to establish a strong market presence in the competitive field of property development.
The origin of “Ramatan” comes from the Arabic language; it means the place where you find comfort and beauty; it symbolizes our mission of turning high-profile real estate into reality. We have taken our dream a step further in our project in the New Administrative Capital of Cairo, the Ramatan compound.


Our vision is to transform Ramatan Developments into a leading real estate development market company and build solid and sustainable relationships with our clients and partners.
We seek to represent our client's needs and interests in premium projects that will leave an imprint on their lives. Along with in-depth knowledge and understatement of the requirements and developments of the current era, we aspire to build integrated residential communities to fulfill market needs.


Ramatan is dedicated to providing development implementation services and building an extensive client base with the help of our insightful and dedicated team. Our mission is not limited to establishing a solid reputation for the company but also allowing our clients to express themselves through architectural projects of real vision and creativity.